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Mobile Marketing Infographic

Four billion mobile users in the world. 91% use their mobile to socialize (on facebook, twitter, youtube etc..), compared to 79% on desktops. 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices  while watching TV! It’s a fact: People are spending more time than ever on their mobile phones. As marketers, we need to understand these new types of consumers and how best to reach them. The following infographic, brought by Microsoft Tag, helps us to understand and grasp relevant information regarding the mobile consumer. Read more »


Cellphone usage

An interesting infographic showing the huge growth of cellphone usage, especially for teenagers…who can text messages blindfolded 🙂

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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Interesting Facebook Marketing Facts

Interesting facts on what is the best day and hour to post on your facebook fan page, how often you should post, what is the best kind of content or what’s the most shareable word.

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10 Interesting Social Media Infographics

Several social media infographics that will blow your mind away, such as the digital revolution and social media facts and numbers.

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How the World Spends Its Time Online [Infographic]

Ever wonder what everyone (and we mean everyone on Earth) does online? Take a look below. All of this data comes from Nielsen, and the infographic is nicely done by Visual Economics.

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